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Mt Kuring Gai Warehouse (02) 9446 7033 | Macquarie Park Showroom (02) 8057 9810

Spa Bathtubs

A Complete Spa Bathtub

After a tough day or stressful week, a spa bathtub is a perfect reward, giving you time to unwind and relax. A resort-style bathroom is always a nice addition to any home. Having a spa bathtub is the icing on the cake. Complete body relaxation and smooth water droplets are ensured by architectural influences in the edge and angle designs.

A more luxurious bathroom can be achieved by selecting a spa bathtub. These simple, understated, and sophisticated spa bathtubs are contemporary in every sense. We provide a variety of spa bathtubs in different shapes and sizes, including freestanding spa bathtubs, rectangular spa bathtubs, round spa bathtubs, and 2-person spa bathtubs. Combine one of our fantastic bath taps with your brand-new luxurious spa bathtub.

Spa Bathtubs For Your Family

Many people believe that corner spa bathtubs are the only type available, or that they take up way too much space. We at Ideal Bathroom Centre disagree, as we offer an identical-sized spa bathtub that takes up the same amount of space as your current bath! Agate baths are an excellent choice for the whole family. With an anti-slip base, contoured arms, and straightforward design, Agate baths are suitable for families who want a spa bathtub but don't want to give up the room in their current bathroom.

Our hydrotherapy spa bathtubs are able to be customised with hydrotherapy, numerous jets, led lighting, and more! Feel free to browse through our selection and purchase now. If you have any concerns, feel free to contact our representatives.

Spa Bathtubs FAQs