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Semi Recessed Basins

A Complete Semi Recessed Basins

When you need a small vanity bench top and you are restricted on space, a semi recessed basin is an ideal choice.

The semi recessed basins design allows part of the basin to overhang the front of the vanity bench top, providing children with easier access to taps or allowing you more room to manoeuvre around the vanity unit in a small bathroom.

Tap sets can be included with a Semi Recessed Basin, or you can choose to mount your taps on the wall rather than using tap holes.

A semi recessed basin can be easily configured to match any bathroom decor, thanks to its balanced fusion of square and round shapes and lines.

These square or traditional semi recessed basins are suitable for both residential or commercial use. Because they have clean and streamlined lines, these basins are suitable for slim style vanities in tight bathroom spaces. The vitreous construction makes for a long-lasting and durable material, while the design makes for simple maintenance and allows for a wide range of bench material options.

Advantages of Semi Recessed Basins

What are the other advantages of the semi recessed basins style?

  • Narrow bench: The bench top can be as shallow as 300 mm, which would free up space in the room and give you a place to put your personal cleaning items.
  • Sizes: Smaller, more compact sizes or larger sizes are available, depending on the size of the room and how it fits into the design.
  • Shapes: There are various shapes that match the space's design.
  • Types: They can be customised to fit your needs, whether you want them with or without tap holes to match your existing plumbing system.
  • Stylish: The available range is contemporary and stylish. The semi recessed basins provide a stylish look and the designs look quite unique when installed.
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