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Macquarie Park Showroom (02) 8057 9810 | Mt Kuring Gai Warehouse (02) 9446 7033
Mt Kuring Gai Warehouse (02) 9446 7033 | Macquarie Park Showroom (02) 8057 9810

TOTO Neorest AH Japanese Bidet Toilet Suite



  • Luxurious Toilet integrated with self cleaning Washlet unit. Two phase function- prior to use the Washlet sprays toilet bowl with water, once the toilet is flushed the Washlet sprays the bowl with electrolysed water.
  • ACTILIGHT- the toilet lid features a UV light which activates once the lid is shut, the light triggers a decomposition process of waste particles that remain on the toilet bowl after final Washlet spray.
  • Hybrid Ecology System: Cistern is completely integrated in toilet pan (No inwall cistern)
  • Water saving dual flush
  • Tornado Flushing for powerful flushing effect with less amount of water (4.5L/3L)
  • Reduced flushing sound
  • Full function front & rear warm water bidet cleaning
  • Ewater+ (Electrolysed water with antibacterial propertes) automatically spreads out and keeps clean toilet bowl and nozzle by preventing bacteria with sanitizing effect
  • CeFiONtect special hygienic glaze for a smooth ceramic surface that prevents debris on toilet surface
  • Fully equipped with comfortable rear, front, and oscillating cleansing functions
  • Auto lid opening and closing function
  • Auto soft light function usable for night time usage
  • Auto flush
  • Fully adjustable temperature controls and dual user settings
  • Water connections recessed behind access panel
  • Remote control operated (Remote Controller – Aluminium)
  • TOTO Neorest AH Toilet Specification Sheet. pdf 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Eric Cartman
Very good

Got rid of my hemimerids. very good. pleasured me from the front as well. very high pressure gets deep into you like very deeeep. would reccomend

Randy Marsh
such a good toilet

saves me 1000s of dollars on haemoroid cream and doctors, very calming with background music, bought one for my whole town. love it i now am happier, healthier, and stronger, and taller.